Inspired by the ‘70s flamboyant designs, our Hakone trainer perfectly blends the vintage vibes of the late 70s japanese runners and a contemporary, sleek aesthetic.

With a distinctive style suitable for everyday wear, these casual sneakers boasts unmatched comfort and a sophisticated look. Executed in its purest form.

Style for miles.

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Quality is not just an outcome of the materials and components you pick but even more so of the process and expertise of assembling them. Our sneakers are handcrafted on old machines, piece by piece, by skilled and experienced artisans. They are actually built the same way traditional shoes are made: obsessing the smallest details and all the steps of the process, developing the right last, drawing the right line, focusing on the right stitch… We believe it makes it the most honest product possible.

We are relentlessly challenging ourselves and our suppliers to put in place impactful methods to ensure increased longevity and recyclability.


Our sneakers are made in France from the most premium -LWG certified- leathers. We focus on local sourcing and manufacturing for the highest level of craftmanship and quality but also the lowest carbon footprint and environmental impact.

At the same time, it’s about doing the right thing by promoting labour in countries and in factories where respect and dignity take precedence over the bottom line.


We contemporize history by revisiting classic silhouettes with the highest level of sophistication and attention to detail. We are proud to say that our sneakers are humbly designed in Amsterdam and meticulously handcrafted in France, using the finest European materials.

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